Parents know best, always!

Life can feel really lonely when you’re in a situation that very few people go through. Losing a child, giving birth to a baby with special needs or simply making parenting choices that are different from the mass can make the strongest of us doubt our every move.

Throughout my career as a nurse, I have learned many lessons that serve me on a daily basis. I have to say that the biggest and most important lesson I have learned is the fact that the parents (or main caretakers) are THE ONLY EXPERT for their child. Even the world renown specialists sometimes miss things. The parents can’t always articulate it perfectly or even trust it, but they always have a DEEP KNOWING of what the next action should be. My job as YOUR PERSONAL family nurse is to help you put words on these feelings and deep gut knowing. I help you put your feelings into words that will not only be understood by your child’s team of doctors and nurses but will ensure that your child gets the best possible care.

I love this quote by Glennon Doyle Milton ”We must do what we want to do. Those who disapprove will either come around or stop coming around.  Either way, it’s fine.”  On many occasions, I have relied on it to remind myself that I know best for me and for my children and that it’s OK if people disagree with me. They will come around or not and that is also OK. What is not OK is that I let myself down.

If this speaks to you and you would like warm, respectful, non-judgmental support, please reach out. I am here for YOU. You can send me a message or simply book an appointment. I know it’s HARD and YOU don’t have to do this ALONE Anymore! 

Making informed decisions

Getting ready to welcome a ”different” child

Managing your child’s Pain and Anxiety

The hardest part about parenting a child with health challenges is probably witnessing your baby’s pain and feeling helpless or powerless.  My goal is to help you become knowledgeable and a true advocate for pain prevention and treatment.

Speaking from a health provider’s perspective, pain management can seem complicated and time-consuming.   This lack of knowledge inhibits the application of simple actions that truly have a huge impact on the experience.  When parents are equipped with a wealth of knowledge to prevent pain and appease anxiety, the procedure takes half the time and the professionals feel like they were truly efficient and helpful. Managing pain and anxiety is an investment. A win-win for everyone involved. Each intervention afterward will be easier, quicker and more positive.

Pain and anxiety prevention and management is probably my biggest passion in nursing.  I remember most of the painful interventions, I underwent as a child.  I remember how scared I was.  I remember the look on my parents faces just longing for someone to tell them what to do, how to hold me, what to say.  But that wasn’t possible because the health care professionals had no clue how to help.  I remember saying to myself:  ”One day, I will be on the other side.  I will be working here and not feel so scared anymore.”  I have been on the other side for 20 years now and not only am I not scared anymore, I know exactly how to appease the fear, prevent and relieve the pain. I have learned so many tricks from the thousands of little patients I have cared for. I know I can help make each experience more positive, less scary, less painful and especially empowering for you and your precious child.

You don’t have to figure this out alone, I am here!

Your nurse, Sharon xo