It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this space.

When we are expecting a child, we normally imagine a perfectly healthy, pink, plump baby but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes, the baby is born with a malformation.  Sometimes he or she develops an illness or has an accident.  All of a sudden, your dreams are shattered and you are not sure where to turn. You feel misunderstood and alone. You feel scared, sad and perhaps you are grieving the child you had imagined and hoped for? This makes you feel even more guilty and like an unfit parent. In some cases, on top of learning to parent a child, you are having to become a caretaker, learn medical techniques and medical jargon. You do not want to burden your spouse, your best friend or your family but at the same time, you feel terrible and trapped.

If you recognize your self or someone you love in this, Please reach out! This is where I come in. I am your soft place to fall and your sacred space holder. I am a pediatric nurse with over 20 years of experience caring for thousands of families with various health challenges. The perfect baby taboo stops here! Your baby/child is perfect. His syndrome or illness is not your fault and YOU are no longer alone. I am looking forward to caring for and supporting you!

Please have a look at our services section to see how I can help.

Big Hugs!

Your nurse, Sharon xo